General Boards

Valley County Airport Commission
Kristi Brabeck
Darrell Morehouse
Russell Leader
Joe Reyling
Jayson Nelson

Valley County Board of Health
Clay Berger
Maggan Walstad
Chelsie McAllister, DVM
Bronwin Hanshew
Amber Swindler
Darcel Wesen
Mary Nyhus - Acting Health Officer

Valley County Conservation District
Chairman - Gene Granada
Vice Chairman - Jeff Pattison
Treasurer - Jody Mason
Ron Garwood
Ron Stoneberg
Hanna Redfield
Vacant - Ft. Peck Urban Supervisor

Valley County Council on Aging

Diane Sargent
Joyce English
Nancy Gallaher
Pat & Richard Neuleib
Virginia Yager

Valley County Fair Commission
Paul McColly (Chairman)
Tim Potter
Justin Fuhrmann
Alyssa Kuka 
Shanice Lagerquist (Student Representative)

Valley County Historical Museum
Sheila Malone (Chairman)
Roberta Barstad
Dave Reinhardt
Dave Olson
Gwen Cornwell

Valley County Planning Board

Gerry Brabeck
Rick Seiler
Zach Lipszyk
Lisa Baxter
Sierra Stoneberg Holt

Valley County Interim Refuse District No.1
Chairman: Paul Tweten 406-263-7893
John Fahlgren 406-724-7242
Mary Armstrong 406-6888467

Valley County Salary Compensation Board

Mona Amundson
Dirk Markle
Lorrie Sampson
Mitchell Willett

Valley County Senior Citizens Board
Dianna Isakson
Shelley Romo
Char Harbeck

Valley County Tax Appeal
Chairman: Rocky Zimdars
Stan Ozark
Ron Garwood

Valley County Television District #1
Rene Clampitt (406) 228-6222
Terry Lighthizer

Valley County Transit Board
Colleen Forrester (Chairman)
Debby Cornwell
Sherrill Richardson

Victor Puchella
Connie A. Wethern

Valley County Weed Control
Steve Klessens
Dorothy Hlad-Larsen
Nathan Miller
Jim Bowman
Gilbert Mogan

City - County Library Board of Trustees
City of Glasgow Representatives
Madelyn House
Dain Christianson
Janet Markle
Mayor Becky Erickson (without vote)
Valley County Representatives
Brenda Tarum
Connie Schultz
Commissioner Mary Armstrong (without vote)

Glasgow Mosquito Control District
Shelly Mills (ex-officio)
Gordon Bell, MD
Jack Schye
Jody Faul
Neil Chouinard
Cameron Shipp, R.S. (ex-officio)
James M. Ward
Curt Clampitt

Hinsdale Cemetery District
Ernesto Marinko
Wade Riden
Doris Tollefson

Hinsdale Fire District (voted)
Jared Albus
Ray Canen
Tyler Hillman
Ky Idler
James Tollefson

Hinsdale Mosquito Control District

Paul Jensen
Valeria Schmauch
Gary Howie

Hinsdale Television District #1
Virgil Vaupel  (406) 364-2113

Nashua Mosquito District #1
Darwin L Johnson
Michael Merideth
Will Lauckner

North Valley Water & Sewer
Nick Chiechi (Chairman)
Hugh Frankson (Vice Chairman)
Carl Millerick
Phillip Defelice

Opheim Cemetery District

Walter Nelson
Albert Fehler
Mrs. Pat Stein

Saint Marie Rural Fire District (voted) 
Robert Esaias (Chairman)
Alice Hopkins (Secretary)