Search and Rescue
Valley County Search and Rescue

Captain: Randy Isakson
Lieutenant: Josh Thompson
Secretary/Treasurer: Rob Brunelle
Training Officer: Bryce Lawrence


Search & Rescue Airboat  in action during Cherry Creek Flooding

Valley County Search & Rescue *  731 1st Ave So* Glasgow, MT 59230
Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of every month @ the Long Run Fire Hall Meeting Room
7:00 P.M.
Any questions, Call Randy Isakson @ 263-2193


Valley County Search & Rescue is a branch of the Valley County Sheriff's Office, made up of volunteers and a liaison from the Sheriff's Office.

VCSAR was established in 1997 by Greg Speer & Alvie Hallock under the direction of the VCSO & then--Sheriff Richard Britzman. It should be noted that prior to this, Speer and Hallock were called upon to perform SAR functions as early as 1984. Alvie raffled off his personal Corvette , and contributed the proceedings to the VCSO to help purchase an Airboat for VCSAR. Since those early days, VCSAR has acquired a lake boat, a Boston Whaler, and a motor home through group fundraising efforts and the hard work and dedication of its members. 

Valley County Sheriff's Office acquired a building for VCSAR from the Bureau of Land Management in 2009. Since then the building has slowly undergone improvements when funding and volunteers are available. The building is used primarily to store VCSAR's equipment and vehicles. VCSAR hopes to add a training/meeting room in the future. 

In 2010, VCSAR volunteers spent over 973 hours in training. VCSAR received $4077.36 in donations this same year and had expenses totaling $5560.38 Most all of VCSAR's funds come from community donations, fundraisers and memorial donations made at the conclusion of a mission. Without the continued support of the Government 1033 Program, Glasgow and surrounding communities, we would not be able to continue our mission.