Justice Court Warrants

You can now pay your Highway Patrol fines via Internet. You must wait at least one business day to allow the cite to be entered into the system.

Warrants Out of Valley County Justice Court

Andes, BrianContempt - Fail to Appear135.0011/1/22
Andes, JoshuaContempt- Fail to Appear135.00110122
Archdale, Wallace JrRevocation Susp Sentence300.00092118
Ayon, Paul MarkContempt - Fail to Appear1360.00012521
Bearfighter, Gina E.Contempt - Fail to Appear1000.00122018
Bigleggins, MarcusRevocation/susp Sentence1000.00102016
Brien, BenjaminRevocation Susp Sentence300.00021022
Burshia, Kevin Jr.Contempt - Fail to Appear285.00112922
Cabrera, SamanthaBad Check (M)1000.00072613
Castro, SueBad Check585.00011022
Chippewa, Randall ColeContempt - Fail to Appear70.00020421
Clark, Jensen RubyContempt - Fail to Appear905.00060421
Clark, LorenContempt- Fail to Appear85082222
Correale, Victor JosephContempt - Fail to Appear285.00102918
Denson, Owen LeeroyContempt - Fail to Appear135.00121521
Dodge, Dawson Kole DakotaContempt - Fail to Appear310.00051221
Doney, Johnny DaleContempt - Fail to Appear370.00071919
Faller, JenniferBad Check349.71121214
Fasthorse, CameronContempt - Fail to Appear235.00100218
Feiler, Levi DavidRevocation of Prob500.00031715
Frawley, Matthew James

Revocation / susp sentence

Frueh, AnthonyBurglary/felony1000.00113090
Gardner, AndreaContempt - Fail to Appear265.00093020
Gill, Jeevan Contempt- Fail to Appear235.00011023
Green, Kathy LeeContempt - Fail to Appear380.00030221
Groenewald, ChristoffelBad Check585.00071112
Hamilton, Rayce MurrayBench Warrant300.00110321
Hamilton, Rayce MurrayContempt - Fail to Appear185.00120721
Harrison, Eric HowardContempt-  Fail to Appear100.00091422
Le May, MistyRevocation of suspended or deffered sentence1000.00030619
Longee, Richard AllenContempt - Fail to Appear370.00101818
Longmire, Robert WilliamContempt - Fail to Appear120.00111418
Love, Devon ReshawnContempt - Fail to Appear250.00071421
Mason, DallasContempt - Fail to Appear285.00121119
Mccall, Zachary GageContempt - Fail to Appear610.00013023
Mccaskey, Angela RoseContempt - Fail to Appear20.00120921
Mclennan, Karen SchultzBad Check100.00051221
Mills, Alfred Fitzgerald FullerRevocation Susp Sentence1000.00022019
Mogan, David C.Fail to ComplyNone011793
Montgomery Trevor EmoryRevocation Susp Sentence1,000.00092118
Morrison, Vaughan JohnContempt - Fail to Appear470.00012721
Muhammad, LawrenceContempt- Fail to Appear188.00032222
Nation, DawntanaContempt- Fial to Appear535051623
Nelligan, Travis KeenContempt - Fail to Appear500.00082421
Nelson, GavinContempt- Fail to appear360.00011723
Nichols-Haining, JeffreyContempt - Fail to Appear500.00101520
Pauley, William Contempt - Fail to Appear75.00103122
Peretto, AnthonyContempt- Fail to Appear135.00031323
Person, Lane PaulContempt - Fail to Appear285.00060221
Peterson, ChristinaContempt - Fail to Appear85.00082222
Plummer, ShawnRevocation Susp/deferred500.00051017
Ponzio, Joshua JamalContempt - Fail to Appear410.00060221
Purvis, Thad JonContempt - Fail to Appear310.00080919
Rains, JasonContempt - Failt to Appear1500041223
Raney, MirandaContempt - Fail to Appear285.00121119
Riley-Sileno, Adri AnnContempt - Fail to Appear70.00010621
Robey, Jamie LeeContempt - Fail to Appear185.00100218
Rowe, Steven SrContempt - Fail to Appear35.00073119
Saiz, CarlosBench Warrant1500.00040720
Santisevan, RyanCriminal Contempt235.00061616
Satterlee, Shannon S.Issuing a Bad Check500.00021518
Shehan, Timothy JamesContempt - Fail to Appear70.00091019
Shellenbarger, KateContempt - Fail to Appear85.00020421
Smith, Robert CraigContempt - Fail to Appear85.00111219
Smoker, Sheldon BrandonContempt - Fail to Pay285.00101518
Taylor, SusannaRevocation of Suspended or deferred sentence1000.001/20/23
Tuttle, Travis William JrContempt - Fail to Appear185.00100218
Upal, Adeel AhmadContempt - Fail to Appear155.00102418
Velazquez, CaitlynContempt - Fail to Appear510.00100218
Warmbrod, DylanContempt - Fail to Appear1500.00010715
White, Chance ClodieContempt of Court120.00072122
White, Tyler DaltonContempt - Fail to Appear170.00102218
Whitehorse, AryannaContempt-fail to Appear185.00050222
Younker, AlyshaBad Check250.00031918